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Patterns in the snow

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Not entirely of natures making.

Three-point turn

Making a three-point turn.


Not quite perfect grid


Winter textures

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Seeing textures in the snow and ice.

Lake Champlain ice floe

The lake never froze this winter, but on cold days, you cold see ice build up along the shore. This was after a cold spell when there was ice left in the eddies.

River into lake Burlington bike path

Lake Champlain shore where a crappy little stream runs out of the Barge Canal, a Superfund site (the bad stuff is settled on the bottom and not in the water, or so they say). Love the layers of shades and textures.

Snow on beach, Lake Champlain

Snow on the beach looks almost like sand dunes.

Along the waterfront

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Rail cars, Burlington bike path north

There’s a working rail line along the shores of Lake Champlain, freight mostly, but the occasional holiday passenger train. It seems like some parts of the line are used mostly to park rolling stock.

Down to the water

When the water is high, the steps disappeared into the lake.

Nikon F2AS test run

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Picked up a Nikon F2AS a while back and took it out for a spin last fall fitted with a Nikkor-S 35mm F2.8, converted to AI.

Frosted Leaves

2016 Nov 19 Frosted Leaves on Brewer Parkway

2016 Nov 13 Coast Guard Station Bike Path

The breakwater by the Coast Guard Station, Burlington Bay, Nov. 13, 2016,

2016, Nov 13, Bike Path, Bike Path

Metal siding of a shed in the old boatyard along the Burlington bike path.

Alleyway, Philadelphia

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Alleyway, Old City, Philadephia

A very narrow alleyway, Old City, Philadelphia, July 5, 2016

Checking out the bike

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Checking out the bike

Part of the outdoor display at the Barge Canal Market antique shop on Pine Street in Burlington.

Catching up on some film I shot over the past couple of month. This one at an antique shop  near the Barge Canal that puts on a display.

Fish tank, Fu Da Chinese restaurant

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Fish tank, Fu Da

Fish tank, Fu Da Chinese restaurant

The tank of tropical fish was the only thing on the buffet table at Fu Da.

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