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More from along the shores of Lake Champlain

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Catching up on the film I shot last fall. This roll from early November shot on a Zeiss Ikon ZM mounted with a Summicron 35 on Ilford HP5.

November sunset, Blanchard Beach at Oakledge Park

The sun with a last burst of light before slipping behind clouds near sunset in early November. The light plays off a large pool on the beach.

Junebug at Blanchard Beach, Oakledge Park

Letting Junebug loose on the beach. Early November and we had the place to ourselves.


Autumn shores of Lake Champlain

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From a roll of film from a walk last October: There was a roaring wind up and down Lake Champlain. The sun was bright and the real cold had yet to settle in for the season. Several kitesurfers were out on the lake virtually flying over the whitecaps.

Getting ready to set sail

Kitesurfers get ready to take to the waters to take advantage of stiff winds on Lake Champlain.

November kitesurfing on Blodgett Beach

A woman gazes at a kitesurfer taking advantage of stiff breeze off the Lake Champlain shoreline in late October.


The water was down on the lake after a very dry summer, and the beach was deep in a way that it rarely is. That left plenty of pools in the sand, with the dead grasses and leaves on the surface.


A swirl of debris floats on lake water trapped by sand on Blanchard Beach at Oakledge Park.

Dunes, Long Beach Island, New Jersey

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Loveladies LBI

Looking out to sea past the dunes, Loveladies/Harvey Cedar, LBI

Somewhere on the Loveladies/Harvey Cedar town line. Final frame from my first outing with the Ikoflex 1a. I only managed to get six shots out of 12, due to some problems with the film advance and counter.

Lovely ladies of Loveladies, LBI (I)

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There’s a lot of new construction on beachfront lots along Long Beach Island in New Jersey where the post-Sandy reconstruction continues. Nothing understated about these homes. This was my first outing with the Ikoflex, a TLR made by Zeiss Ikon. There seems to be some light leakage in the film chamber, but I love the color I got out of an expired roll  of the Fujifilm Pro 400h.

Lovely Ladies of Loveladies

Lovely Ladies of Loveladies Lovely Ladies of Loveladies

Zeiss Ikon: Breakwater

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Burlington Bay Breakwater

A mostly sunny day with a few dramatic clouds that I was lucky enough to capture as I was hanging out on the Burlington waterfront by the fishing pier in early July. The camera of the day was a Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515/2. Shoots 120 film in a 6×9 format.

Zeiss made this camera from the late 1930s to the late 1950s with various combinations of lenses and shutters. My version came with the Nettar Anastigmat 11cm f4.5 . The Telma shutter boasts 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, 1/125 as well as T and B.  I’m guessing this is one of the earlier models.

Mess Ikonta

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P1010681bThis is my latest project, a Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 524/16, a”Mess Ikonta.” It has a75mm f3.5 Novar lens in a Prontor SVS shutter, and an uncoupled rangefinder. That means  I can  focus through the viewfinder, but have to set the distance on the lens manually.

The slow shutter speeds were sticking a bit  so I took the rear element out and did a bit of cleaning, and now it seems to fire fine at the various speeds. Also, all the black paint off on the inside of the back had flaked off, leaving a shiny silver interior. I decided to paint this with flat black enamel to reduce the chance of stray light striking the film.

I plan to take this out with some Fuji color negative  film this weekend, weather permitting. Lots of rain around here lately, and the forecast isn’t too promising, at least tomorrow morning. I’ll hold off on the slide film until I know my way around these medium format folders a little better.

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