Autumn shores of Lake Champlain

From a roll of film from a walk last October: There was a roaring wind up and down Lake Champlain. The sun was bright and the real cold had yet to settle in for the season. Several kitesurfers were out on the lake virtually flying over the whitecaps.

Getting ready to set sail

Kitesurfers get ready to take to the waters to take advantage of stiff winds on Lake Champlain.

November kitesurfing on Blodgett Beach

A woman gazes at a kitesurfer taking advantage of stiff breeze off the Lake Champlain shoreline in late October.


The water was down on the lake after a very dry summer, and the beach was deep in a way that it rarely is. That left plenty of pools in the sand, with the dead grasses and leaves on the surface.


A swirl of debris floats on lake water trapped by sand on Blanchard Beach at Oakledge Park.


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