Love seat by the Barge Canal

Love seat by the Barge Canal

A pair of front-row seats for pond skating, Feb. 21, 2015. Very clear and bright winter’s morning.

The sign says 'Love'

And why this is officially a love seat


3 Responses to “Love seat by the Barge Canal”

  1. John James Addison Says:

    How do actually focus this camera. If you set it to the infinity mark will every thing be in focus. There is also a metal prong next the distance scale do set the required number to the metal prong.



    • You basically have to guess the distance and set the focus ring to the corresponding mark on the focus scale around the lens. If you set the aperture to the red dot by f11, you get enough depth of field to get most things in focus. On my camera, you move up the metal prong sticking out of the side of the lens assembly to cock the shutter. The black arrow by the prong points to the shutter speed which you set by moving the outer most ring. Hope that helps.

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