Yahshica-Mat: On the Waterfront

Lighthouse, Lake Champlain

Life intervenes and suddenly four months since my last post. I haven’t stopped taking pictures, but getting the film developed and sorted took a back seat for a while. That leaves me with a bit of catching up to do.

This was taken with a Yashica-Mat (plain old, not 124 or otherwise) with a Lumaxar 80mm f3.5 lens, a Tessar clone from what I read on various blogs. It’s a beast of a camera and the whole TLR business of everything appearing backwards in the viewfinder takes a bit of getting used to. Still, a sweet machine and I like the 6×6 format for forcing a different perspective than the usual rectangle.

This was an early summer morning, a Sunday and too cool for much lakeside activities, let alone a dip in the water. Mostly just joggers and people with dogs on the shore. The film is a cheap Chinese business, ISO 100, and you can see the backing paper pattern bleeding through. I try to tell myself it gives the picture “character.”

One more shot from the Yashica-Mat,an even earlier summer’s morning at a little lakeside park not far from downtown and by the boat slips. Those mountains on the other side of the lake are the Adirondacks.

Perkins Pier, June 2012


2 Responses to “Yahshica-Mat: On the Waterfront”

  1. Nice shot – I love lighthouses of all sizes and shapes.

    Thanks for sharing.

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