Roofline, Askusabashi, Tokyo

Shrine Roofline, Asakusabashi

Came across a little neighborhood shrine on a walk near the Sumida River. This is one of those places with no real significance except for the people who live around there, a spot of greenery in the city. The pattern of the roof tiles caught my eye and I liked the way it was framed by the back-lit trees.

This was shot with a Canon 35mm f2 lens on my Canon P. I picked up the lens at a little kiosk-like shot in the Ginza, a place that’s been there for ever that specializes in used Nikons. It sits in front of the Mullion Building near Yurakucho station. This was the only Canon in the window and came with a Canon L3, all for less than $200. The price made no sense, but maybe the owner didn’t want to hang on to a Canon.


2 Responses to “Roofline, Askusabashi, Tokyo”

  1. really love your b&w shots…especially those taken with vintage folding cameras! superb! may film live forever!

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