Rangefinder: Olympus 35 ECR test roll


Olympus 35 ECR

Another in my collection of Japanese 35mm compact rangefinders with a 38mm-ish f2.8  lens.  The ECR actually has a 42mm f/2.8 E. Zuiko lens. It’s auto everything, so all you do is focus and shoot. I actually bought an ECR a couple of years ago, but the promised “working” camera had a horribly corroded batter compartment so I sent it back. this one worked like a charm. The camera takes the mercury cells, but I use 1.35v zinc hearing aid batteries with an adapter. Works great. You certainly don’t get shortchanged on the color and sharpness.

You can see the family resemblance to the 35 Ed and 35 RC, but this one has a thumbwheel film advance.

Separated at birth

At dawn - not bad for a point-and-shoot rangefinder shooting in this light




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