Happy New Year

Perkins Pier, Lake Champlain, Jan. 1, 2012

Gave my rangefinders a break to test out the Canon FD  100mm f2.8 on my Canon EF. I had recently picked up. Turned out to be a bit awkward as I had a sore wrist and the camera is really heavy. Still, a beautiful machine, well made and solid.

Canon EF Vivitar 19mm f3.8 - not exactly the rig I was shooting with.

This was shot with my 50mm f1.2, the lens I had on the camera at the time because had been shooting indoors that morning. I hadn’t used this lens in a while and I forgot how shallow the depth of field is wide open – little room for focusing error. Quite a few frames turned out with focus just a bit off. The EF body is like an old F-1, but with a fixed prism and shutter priority AE. You can see both the shutter speed and aperture in the finder.  There’s not much written about this camera but Wikipedia has a pretty good overview here.


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  1. Great photo


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