My Best for 2011 (favorite photographs)

Happy New Year. Here’s my favorite photos from 2011, in no particular order, agonizingly trimmed down to 8 shots. I tried to take at least one photo a day this past year, and mostly succeeded, but I’m not sure I accomplished much in the effort. My favorite photos were those taken when I had the time and had both hands free, an increasingly rare combination these days. In 2012, I’m shooting for taking enough photos to come up with enough to post one decent effort once a week.

Bike path, Oakledge park

Spring flooding, Burlington waterfront

February ice storm, Kalamazoo

Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco

Pacifica Beach

Pacifica Pier

San Francisco Conservatory



5 Responses to “My Best for 2011 (favorite photographs)”

  1. Sybrina Soga Says:

    You have a great eye for composition, beauty and detail. Of these eight, my favorite is the ice storm branches. But I also really love another 2011 image of yours that didn’t even make the list: the color view of Pacifica as viewed from its long public pier with all the black undulating edges. I look forward to your 2012 showing.

  2. Really beautiful series.

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