Balda Super Baldina – a test roll

Balda Super Baldina

Back to writing about cameras again, rather than photographs. This is a Super Baldina with the down-market Baldanar f2.8 lens. It does the job. I love the pop-out lens and good to be shooting a real rangefinder again. The camera fells solid, well-built. I like the heft and decently bright viewfinder. The shutter travel is long and took a bit of getting used to. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a real chance to give it a work out as my life is kind of full right now.

A couple of samples shots taken on expired Fuji Superia 100.:






4 Responses to “Balda Super Baldina – a test roll”

    • Yup, 35mm, although it shares some style cues from some of the medium format cameras of the era, especially the pop-out lens.

  1. unidentifiedwalkingobject Says:

    I think I saw a copy of this camera in the past. This is basically the thing they called “Wagnax”..×600/1/DSC05699.JPG?et=rP9qgMdC%2BYVAczBe%2BoxQKQ&nmid=346652206.. This really looks almost the same as your camera. This is a viewfinder camera right?

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