Nikkormat FT3 w/Nikkor S 35mm f2.8 non-ai lens

Street rod curves

Nikkormat FT3, Nikkor 35mm f2.8

After picking up a Nikon EM a little while back, I decided to get a Nikon body that can mount the old non-Ai lenses, which can be had much cheaper than more recent manual focus glass. I was lucky enough to win a Nikkormat FT3 cheap. The FT3 has aperture priority AE, but with non-AI lenses, I’m limited to stopped-down mode. This doesn’t bother me as that’s pretty much the way my all manual Canon F-1 works. And unlike the rest of the Nikkormat line, the FT3 also takes battery easily available today.

I like the light weight and compactness of rangefinder cameras, but there’s nothing like looking through the lens when it comes to composing pictures. The TTL metering also feels like a luxury. I like the heft of the old all-metal SLRs – very stable with virtually no vibration that I can feel  from the mirror slap as compared to the EM). There’s nothing stealthy about the FT3, but this is one fine camera.

Heroes Welcome, North Hero, Vt.

Rainy day


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