Photo a day: June 22 – A change of light

June 22 - Seek Seek Seek

June 22 - Seek Seek Seek

These two photos were taken with the Canon A35F rangefinder just a day apart. They were renovating a storefront downtown, and with all the signs of the previous store gone, I noticed these words on the plate-glass window for the first time. I think a sign used to hand in front of it.

The photos were taken on successive days. I don’t remember what time of day, but the second was definitely in the morning on my way in to work. The first also might be in the morning, but the fact that the sun isn’t visible in the image might mean it was later in the day. I know I shot the second photo because I could more clearly bring out the words on the glass.

The A35F is a manual rangefinder with auto exposure. That means the camera chooses the shutter speed and aperture – very little control. I can see the aperture in the viewfinder, but have no idea what the shutter speed is. Not enough light and the shutter won’t fire.

Canon A35F Rangefinder


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