Another old rangefinder – Canon A35F

June 19 - Fishing Pier, Lake Champlain

This shot of my favorite pier on Lake Champlain was taken with e Canon A35F is a manual focus rangefinder. I was early evening after a glorious summer day, and the light was golden. The water is still high after this springs flooding, but the lake shore was returning to normal.

The camera has the lines of some of the first-generation autofocus compacts that were to soon follow. The A35F was release din 1978, and the first Autoboy AF compact came out the following year.

I like the looks of the all-black body, the not-too-small body and the very solid feel of the camera body. there’s definitely metal under the skin. The camera has a fold-away rewind crank that lies virtually flat on the top plate, another neat little feature.

The camera has a 40mm f2.8 lens, more than competent for color negatives, and automatically chooses shutter speed and aperture, which is visible in the viewfinder. No info about the shutter speed, though. The camera had a pop-up flash, a first for a Canon rangefinder. The rangefinder needs two batteries, an AA for the flash, and the dreaded mercury button cell for the camera proper.

This is my second A35F. The first had a battery corroded shut into the flash compartment, and I managed to clean it out and get the flash to power up, but not fire. I felt like I needed a fully working model.

Canon A35F Rangefinder

This was a quick and dirty profile shot taken on my kitchen table so I’d have at least a photo of the camera for this post. The light wasn’t favorable for a more thought-out shot.




A couple more shots:

June 19 - Fishing pier, Lake Champlain

June 19 - Fishing pier, Lake Champlain

July 2 - ready for grilling


2 Responses to “Another old rangefinder – Canon A35F”

  1. Nice camera. Its looks seem to be in the Canonet family.

    • msogavt Says:

      Thanks. It doesn’t carry the Canonet name, but it’s the last in the line. It’s basically a Canonet 28 tarted up with black paint and a flash.

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