Nikon EM

Nikon EM

I”ve been on a run of using SLR cameras lately, taking a break from my rangefinders. The EM is a low-cost Nikon with aperture priority AE and not much else. When it comes to shutter speed, you have a choice between auto and 1/90 and that’s about it. Still, it’s well-built with the controls where you would expect to find it. I’m more use to shooting Canons, so it took a while to get used to differences, including which way you turn the lens to mount it.

It’s great to see what the lens is seeing, especially when I can see the depth of field of each shot before I press the shutter. I welcome the weight and balance that an SLR gives you compared to a rangefinder, and the TTL metering information right in the viewfinder felt like a luxury.

But an SLR takes up more room than most of my rangefinders, so I’m less likely to carry it around unless I set out to take pictures. I also had trouble seeing pictures with this camera, much more so than with most of my rangefinders. No sure why.

July 18: One thing I forgot to mention. This camera has a wicket mirror slap. You can practically feel the body jump in you hands when you trip the shutter. I wonder how much use the EM would be even at 1/60.

June 12 - Clogs on deck

June 12 - Clogs and flowers


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