Photo a day: April 30/May 7 – Rising waters

Rising waters - April 30

Rising waters - May 7

Rising waters - May 7

We’ve had a wet spring along the shores of Lake Champlain with the waters reaching record levels above flood stage. Theses two photographs were taken a week apart, and as you can see the water was already threatening the building, which houses my favorite bagel shop, even then. The white sign by the red van in the second photo is hung on the mail box in the first.  The third shot gives you a better perspective on how far the water’s come. The lake is normally on the other side of the railroad track. With more rain this week, we’re not going to dry out anytime soon.

This was shot with my reliable Fed 2 with the Industar 61 l/d. I love this lens in black and white, but his was the first time I shot color with it – still sharp with a somewhat vintage look to the color. I love the feel of the Fed 2 in my hands and I keep going back and forth between it and my Canon 7, which has the advantage of switchable framelines for the viewfinder and a lever film advance.


2 Responses to “Photo a day: April 30/May 7 – Rising waters”

  1. michael hinsdale Says:

    Thanks for posting these. They have pleasing compositions and I like the vintage colours as well.

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