They said it couldn’t be done: Jupiter 12 on a Canon 7

Jupiter 12 on Canon 7

The conventional wisdom is that you can’t mount a Jupiter-12 35mm lens on a Canon 7 rangefinder. They say the  rear lens element will get caught on the ridged light baffles. The truth is, several people have had luck with this combination, especially with the later J-12s, mostly the black ones.

My chrome lens was made in 1957, from the looks of the serial number. It’s pretty beat, but works just fine and matches the state of my Canon 7 body. The rear element just clears the baffles on the top, and has plenty of room on the bottom. I guess I can thank the gods of quality control, or lack there of, on the Soviet lens production lines.

I shot color this time because I only have 24-exposure rolls in Fujicolor 200. The lens works better with black and white, and I like the look I get shooting Tri-X. Even though the front element is recessed and people say you really don’t need a hood, I find I get flare in direct sunlight.

Some sample photos:

April skiing, Smugglers Notch

2 Responses to “They said it couldn’t be done: Jupiter 12 on a Canon 7”

  1. Hi! What filter thread did you use for the Jupiter-12? Thanks!

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