Photo a Day: Betrayed by my Hi Matic 9

Dead Hi Matic 9

Lost about a month worth of film when it turned out the shutter on my Hi Matic 9 had stopped working.  It was working fine when I first got the camera, but now the shutter button cocks but the shutter stays closed at all speeds. Oh well.

Minoltina AL-S

Not learning my lesson, I’m on to another vintage Minolta rangefinder, the Minoltina Al-S. This model comes with a 40mm f1.8 lens, and a coupled selenium light meter. The meter is off by a stop, but the shutter looks accurate at all speeds. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Update 4/11: Rainy day, and I’m finding the rangefinder patch lacks the contrast that I saw when I was testing the camera in bright sunshine. Trying to shoot some sidewalk tables int he rain this morning, I couldn’t make out the double image. Bad news. I ought to stick to the cameras I know work.


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