A few shots with the Olympus 35 RC


Finally got around to finishing a roll of Tri-X that’s been sitting in my Olympus 35 RC for weeks. There’s plenty of information to be found on the Web about this little rangefinder (try Ken Rockwell, Matt Denton or the really extensive site by Andrew Yue). This is one of the better ones from a line of compact rangefinders that came out of Japan in the 70s.

Olympus 35 RC

The camera has shutter-priority AE and a full manual override, though without the meter. The lens is a sharp Zuiko 40mm f.28. The viewfinder is respectably bright. If I was picking nits, I would wish for a bit faster lens.

I love the compact size – feels hardly bigger than my Olympus XA with the flash attachment – fits in a coat pocket. My copy is a bit beat up, but the price was right and that lets me carry it around without worrying much about it.

Snow and trees

Ikebana shadow


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