Currently shooting: Minolta Hi Matic 9 rangefinder

Minolta Hi Matic 9

This is the camera I’m currently shooting, the Minolta Hi Matic 9 rangefinder with the Rokkor 45mm F1.7 lens. I have a a couple of cameras in the Hi Matic line including a black  7s that I love, as well as the more automatic F and E models.

This camera is solidly built with heft to match, but I like the way it feels in the hand. There’s nothing junkie about it, although they don’t command much of a price. I picked this one up for less than $20 including shipping.

This is a full-sized camera with both automatic and manual exposure settings, and a built-in meter. The meter readings are in EV, with a slot in the aperture/shutter speed rings that lets you lock in the EV number. Once set, you can move the shutter speed and aperture rings in tandem. Matt Denton, as always, has a good overview of the camera here.


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