Kalamazoo Ice Storm


Kalamazoo Ice storm

(Don’t know what happened, but I managed to delete this post so I had to rebuild it the best I can from memory.)

Ran into quite a bit of  weather on a trip from Vermont to Kalamazoo, Mich.

On the first leg of the trip, the New York Thruway was closed from Fultonville to Utica due to high winds and blowing snow, forcing an two-hour detour on a back road with near white-out conditions when the wind kicked up drifts from open fields.

Once inside Michigan, it began to snow past Flint, quickly turned heavy with dozens of vehicles off the road, then to sleet and finally heavy rain. When we woke up next morning, everything was ice and we had a blackout.

Kalamazoo Ice Storm


On the positive side, the ice covering all the trees made for some stunning scenery. These were shot on my Canon T-7o with a FD 50 mm f1.2, a sharp, bright lens. I was traveling by car so I decided to go with the SLR instead of my usual light rangefinder kit.  I also wanted to try out a new Vivitar 19mm f3.8 lens, but I just couldn’t figure out how to use it. This will take time.


Kalamazoo Ice Storm

Kalamazoo Ice Storm

Kalamazoo Ice Storm







3 Responses to “Kalamazoo Ice Storm”

  1. Ice storms are no fun to deal with if you have to drive, but they always make for great shooting! I especially like your first shot.

  2. msogavt Says:


  3. […] not much color to be had in the scene. There’s more photos from in an earlier post here taken with my Canon T-70. Ice storms are made for black and white […]

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