Lighthouse, Burlington Bay

Lighthouse, Burlington Bay

I shot this hand-held, wide open and at 1/30, I think. The relatively slow shutter speed probably contributed to the fussiness. It was the end of a cloudy day with the winter sun fading toward dark. It turned out very grainy and low contrast, the low contrast not something I see too often shooting Tri-x with  Jupiter 8 lens. But I like the painting-like quality the grain gives the photo.

This was my first roll through the Canon 7. I had the local camera repair shop give it a once over and fix the rangefinder. I really like the solid feel of the camera, and the viewfinder is nice and bright. I managed to mount a Jupiter 12, the rear element clearing the light baffles, but all the shots with this lens have a light streak through the center so I fear it might be interfering with the shutter somehow. Too bad, the viewfinder has nice 35mm framelines. I’ll have to go out and get a 35mm lens that works on this body.

Update: 2:40 p.m.

I got to looking at this picture, and the cropping started to bother me. So I tried a different crop, more rectangular and adhering to the common wisdom of thirds. What do you think – better, no?

Lighthouse, Burlington Bay (alternate crop)

Quick up date. A little picture of my Canon 7 with the Jupiter 8.


Canon 7 w/Jupiter 8




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