My best for 2010

Happy new year. Here’s a few of my favorites from the year just past. I trimmed the list to just six, and I’ve posted all of these before. Not surprisingly, a number of them are from my trip to Japan over the summer when I had a camera to my eye every day for two weeks. The point is, I think, you’ve got to keep making pictures. I hope to do better this year.


Burlington breakwater

This was taken with my Fed 2 rangefinder and Jupiter 8 lens, as were the next two. It was a late summer Sunday and too early for most people to be out. I just like the layers of water, breakwater, mountains and clouds, the last seemingly pressing down with its weight on the whole scene.


Doi Pearls, Uwajima, Shikoku

This is a pier that belongs to a cultured pearl operation on the island of Shikoku in Japan. What caught my eye were the lines formed by the floating dock, the floating pear beds off shore and the mountains.


Onsen tamago

These are eggs cooking in hot spring water outside an inn in Shibu Onsen in Nagano Prefecture.  The water is only mildly hot, so it takes a while for the eggs to cook giving the eggs an interesting texture. The series of concentric irregular circles, starting with the eggs, caught my eye.

Saturday morning

This was shot on a Cosina 107-SW with an Industar 61 l/d, an odd combination given the Cosina has no viewfinder and the I-61 is a 53mm lens. Still, in good light, I can squeeze down on the aperture to get good depth of field. This was shot early on a summer Saturday, way before the shops are open. He would clear out with his cart long before the good people arrive.

Light and shadow

This was taken on a Welta Weltaflex twin lens reflex camera, which shoots 6×6 images on 120 film. This is a late afternoon shot of a couple of things sitting on our coffee table in the living room. Just like the play of light and dark.



Finishing off with a flash of color. This was shot on a Vito B, a viewfinder camera. Freshly painted wall with some old pipes by the railroad tracks.






One Response to “My best for 2010”

  1. Lovely monochromes! ^_^ Happy New Year!

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