Garage sale film, an Olympus Stylus Epic (Mju)

Frosty morning in November

I’ve been playing with a Olympus Stylus Epic point-and-shoot for a bit, giving my rangefinders a bit of a break. I’ve read quite a bit about what a great lens this camera has, and picked one up when I spotted a local listing on an online classified ad. I decided to test it out with some Kodak Gold 200 of indeterminate lineageĀ  I had lying around that I had picked up over the summer at a garage sale.

Turns out the film had gone sour, and but I was able to salvage most of the pictures in Photoshop, mostly correcting the color saturation. Usually I avoid heavy manipulation, but I figured this was OK. That means I have yet to see how well this camera performs.

I do like the fact that it’s simple, compact enough to fit in a pocket and always ready. The lens seems sharp in, at least in good light, and the exposure seems acceptable, even looking at the results on expired film. Also, you can see in the Reflecting Pool photo that the 35mm f2.8 lens really is a wide-angle. The auto focus is handy, especially when I just want to grab a quick shot or in darker areas, but I miss the fiddling that goes with most of my cameras. I also have a bit of trouble handling it with gloved hands, which is a minor issue now that winter is here.

City twilight


Reflecting Pool

Georgetown shadows


One Response to “Garage sale film, an Olympus Stylus Epic (Mju)”

  1. I used to have a Stylus Epic Zoom 80 and really liked it. I wish I hadn’t given it away now! Nice color and detail in the “Creemee” photo.

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