Two rangefiners, one roll of film: Zorki 3M and Fed 2

Boathouse deck, Burlington waterfront

I started out shooting this roll of Tri-X in my Zorki 3M FSU rangefinder, but then the shutter died and I finished it off in my Fed 2, another rangefinder, which is also acting out. At the end of the roll, there’s black strip across the bottom of the frame of all the pictures. Still trying to figure out what that’s all about. This roll sat in my briefcase for a couple of weeks, then sat at the processors for another week.

I went out early one Sunday to the waterfront to finish off the roll. I mostly shot with my Elmar 9cm (my sole Leica lens) and Industar 61 L/D, a lens I love for its sharpness. I hardly ever use the Elmar because I prefer a 50mm focal length which doesn’t require an external finder on these old rangefinders which has framing for a single focal length in the viewfinder.

It was a clear day, and cool and early enough that hardly anyone was out. The light was very kind. This was a rare occasion when I had time to be out and about just to take pictures. I need to get out more often — maybe when the election is over.

Burlington Community Boathouse 1

Burlington Community Boathouse 2








Burlington Bay Breakwater 1

Burlington Bay Breakwater 2









Church Street chairs




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