Man on the street – Cosina 107 SW w/Industar 61 L/D

Man on the street

This is an early Saturday morning shot before people are out and about downtown. Lately, there’s been a string of shopping carts and bike parked on Main Street loaded with various items recovered from who knows where. Here’s a closer shot of another example.

Worldy possessions

This was shot with a Industar 61 L/D, a 53mm f2.8 lens from the former Soviet Union. I used the Cosina 107 SW, the same camera as the Bessa L sold under the real maker’s name. This is a Leica thread mount lens with a TTL light meter, but no rangefinder o viewfinder. I used a finder with 35/85 frame lines and kind of guessed for the happy medium to approximate the framing for the lens.

Cosina 107 Sw (Bessa L) with Industar 61 l/d 53mm f2.8 lens

The idea behind the 107 SW is that the camera is designed for super wide lenses where the depth of filed makes focusing of little issue. No viewfinder because you would be using an auxiliary finder anyway. While not designed for anything like a 50mm lens, good light would let you shoot at f16 with plenty of depth of field. Too, plenty of people shot lenses like this with few focusing aids in the days before rangefinders became common.

The Industar 61 lives up to its reputation as its sharpness and contrast. This is a great lens for shooting Tri-X black and white film, maybe my favorite although not as fast as the Jupiter 8 at f2. I also like the 50mm-ish focal length even though the 35mm lens seems to be favorite as the standard lens among rangefinder folks.  The set-up let’s you shoot quickly because you don’t spend time fiddling with the focus. You set the shutter speed and aperture in advance, you hyper-focus and just shoot.

A few more samples:


fishing pier


Empty park bench


3 Responses to “Man on the street – Cosina 107 SW w/Industar 61 L/D”

  1. great lens! I use this lens with a Fed 5b. Great camera, funny, real, analog!

  2. […] the bottom with the Cosina 107-SW and the sharp little Industar 61 l/d (posted this photo before here). The Cosina is not a rangefinder, but a throwback to the Leica 1 cameras – not even a […]

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