Vito B: Second time’s the charm

About a year ago, I picked up a Voigtlander Vito B, mostly for its looks. Turned out to be mechanically sound, but both the viewfinder and lens were raddished. Plus there was light leak somewhere that I still haven’t figure out. The upshot was that the camera was little more than a very nice looking paperweight.

Still, I very much liked the idea of the Vito B, compact and easy to use, nice heft of a well-made piece of machinery. So it was inevitable that I would pick up another one with the hopes that this would be shooter. The upside is that these cameras can still be had pretty cheaply, no more than $20 or so if you’re patient.

The listing said the shutter was stuck, but I figures it was the old interlock thing and bought the camera. When I got it home, it turned out the shutter really was stuck, and turning the cog inside the film compartment did nothing. Desperate, I took the eraser end of a pencil and gave the shutter leaves a couple of taps. That’s all it took. I put the shutter through its paces after that and now seems to be working fine.

Long story short, a happy ending and a camera that delivers very crisp photos with rich color. Good light helps, of course, and the Fuji Superia 400 loves the sun. A few samples from the test roll:


2 Responses to “Vito B: Second time’s the charm”

  1. Just got a Vito B from Ebay, hoping I don’t have any shutter-related stresses with it when it arrives (got a Vito C with non-wokring shutter, cant’ even work out how to get into the thing, so am leaving well alone. Otherwise, I quite like the idea of Percussive Maintainence technique).

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