Taking to the road: Decisions, decisions

Heading out at the end of the week for my annual summer vacation, and it’s time to pick at kit to take on the road. As this trip involves flying, I’m forced to cut down my gear to what I can pack into a small camera bag. I use a small Timbuk2 messenger bag with a home-bade reinforced bottom pad and a Domke two-compartment insert. This gives me room for two bodies and several lenses, plus various accessories. This trip, though, I will go lighter.

At this point, I’ve settled on my Fed 2 with a three-lens kit — Jupiter 8, Jupiter 12 and the Elmar 9cm; Olympus XA; and a point and shoot, a Canon Prima Mini which sports a 32mm f3.5 lens ($1 at the thrift store). I like the idea of the wide lens, but I’m still on my first roll, which I hope to finish off before the trip so I can take a look. Even if I don’t manage this, I think the camera will stay in my kit as a risk worth taking. I like the idea of having a small point and shoot as this is a family vacation and having a quick shooter should come in handy.

I’ve got an A11 flash on the way, and I’ll pack that as well if it arrives in time. I’ve misplaced by Voigtlander meter, so I’ve packed the old, reliable Sekonic L248. Also coming along are yellow, orange and red filters, a Leitz VIOOH 35-135 viewfinder, and a couple of lens hoods.

Last, but not least, are the film: Tri-X and Fuji Superia 400. I’ll keep the Fed loaded with the Tri-X, and start with the Superia in the XA and Canon.


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