What happened to Retrography.com?

Retrography.com was a Web site full of great pictures and information about old cameras — mostly European run by Simon Simonsen of Denmark. Now the site is gone, taken down in the last week or two. The author had posted information late last year or early this year putting up an old Leica for sale that he said was a gift from Oskar Barnack to his daughter to help pay medical bills. The man wasn’t old, in his late 40s or early 50s, I think.

Anyone know what happened to Simonsen and the site?

Update April 16: The site’s back. Must have been a tech glitch.


One Response to “What happened to Retrography.com?”

  1. Hello and greetings to you all,
    I am in fact Simon Simonsen. It is true that i suffered from several heart attacks, and my health deteriorated. Due to the fact, that i have no heirs or family i became worried about my collection. My collection was in fact much larger than the cameras and items shown on my website. To be sure i contacted the Danish Museum of Photography in Herning Denmark, and several other museums and offered to donate the entire collection for free. They declined due to “no available space”. Honestly, none of them took the time to even understand how big the collection really was and the quality of the items. Mind you, evrything was in full working order. As a last solution i sold the entire collection to a danish dealer who specialized in photografica. About the Barnack Leica: It was a christmas present from Oskar Barnack to his daughter Hannah Ulzenheimer. Not help to pay medical bills!. No!. The camera has a personal engraving stating the date and year and that it was presented to Hannah Ulzenheimer at christmas.
    I was very disappointed that no museum even bothered to see my collection. On the other hand i feel good about knowing that every piece and every camera has found serious new owners who hopefully will use them, cherish them and share their experiences.
    Kind regards
    Simon Simonsen

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