Separated at birth?

I’ve been picking up Japanese compact rangefinders for a while now and I’ve amassed seven so far: Konica C35, Olympus 35 ED, GAF Memo 35EE, Minolta Hi Matic, Mamiya 135 all with 38mm f/2.7 or f/2.8 lens, and the Sears 35 RF with a 49mm f/2.8 and Minolta Hi Matic E with a  40mm f/1.7. The Sears 35rf is a rebadged Ricoh 500g and is in mint condition, even the foam seals in the film compartment. My favorite of the group is the Konica, with a very sharp lens rendering rich colors.

I’m still looking for a Chinon 35ee, Vivitar 35ee (these two might be identical to the GAF, made by Cosina and rebadged?) as well as a Miranda Sensoret, the only 35mm rangefinder coming from that maker. I’m also looking for a compact with a fast lens and manual override, but they don’t come cheap.

So, enough with the gear. I need to get out and shoot more and come up with something I feel is worth sharing. I’ve got a roll with the processors shot with my Olympus Pen EE-2. It’s my first with a half frame, and I hope I didn’t screw up the frame count because I shot several what I hoped are diptych-type photo pairs.


3 Responses to “Separated at birth?”

  1. Thanks for sharing your collection! I’ve been looking for a camera with similar dimensions to the Olympus EE series, and the Konica C35 looks fabulous!

  2. alain haccuria Says:


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