Not much to report.

In bit of a funk lately. The last few rolls I shot turned up nothing interesting. I also got back a roll of Velvia 100 I shot in my Afga Billy Record 6×9. The first shot came out fine, but the rest look like they suffer from serious flair (best case scenario) or more light leaks in which case I give up. I’ve already put in too mcuh time patching up the bellows.

On the bright side, I recently acquired an early Voigtlander Bessa 6×9, the model with the pop-up viewfinder with no cover, with a Anastigmat Skopar 10.5cm f/4.5 lens. This is a much more sophisticated camera than the Agfa, and seems to be in very good shape mechanically. The bellows passed the flashlight test, and the shutter sounds to be firing crisply. The very slowest speeds maybe hanging a bit.

Also on the medium format, I also snagged a Welta Weltaflex, a twin-lens reflex camera made in the former East Germany. The camera says “Made in Germany, U.S.S.R. Occupied” in English. Both the taking and viewing lenses are a Rectan 75mm f/3.5. Again the shutter sounds fine until it gets below 1/15. The viewfinder is clear.

I need to test both of these cameras, but I’m down to my last roll of Neopan in 120. I think given the slowness of these lenses and the format in general, I’ll switch to 400 film. I’m also looking to try them and my Mess Ikonta with color print film. I’ve been impressed with the richness of some of the photos I’ve seen on Flickr.


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