Knoica C35: the colors just pop

This is one of those small Japanese fixed lens rangefinders from the 70s. The camera fits in a large pocket of a coat or cargo pants, although it’s not light. TheC35t has a 38mm (Hexanon f/2.8 lens) like a number of other cameras from the era, all about the same size, like the Olympus 35 ED, Mamiya 135, Chinon 35EE. The problem with these cameras is usually the battery, but in this case, a 675 1.4v hearing aid battery fits perfectly with the meter turning in a reliable performance.

I like the 38mm focal length, seems to cover a just enough without being wide. The Konica has a reputation for having an especially sharp lens, and I wasn’t disappointed. The only thing you can control is the focus, but the camera seems to know how to make the most of available light. The lens has nice bokeh as well. This could be the only camera you would ever need if the lens was just a bit faster.


4 Responses to “Knoica C35: the colors just pop”

  1. If the sample images below are made with this camera, I must say that the Konica Minolta lens is of excellent quality (meaning, of course, that the photographer made an accurate measurement). Another very good camera that I’ve tested in that regard is the Olympus Trip 35 and a very curious also with excellent quality is the Canon Demi.

    • Thanks. I’ve used the Trip 35 and was also impressed with the results. I have trouble with scale focusing, though, especially without a DOF scale on the lens.

  2. what film did you use for those c35 pictures?

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