Fed 2, courtesy of Yuri of Fedka

Got my test roll back from the replacement Fed 2 from Fedka. This was graciously provided by Yuri after the one I sent in for an overhaul came back with the rangefinder out of wack. He couldn’t duplicate the problem with his lenses so he sent me another body, and threw in lens. How great is that?

If you want to get into the history of this camera, there are plenty of good sites online, including several that goes over the difference between the various versions. Try Viejo Vilva, Matt Denton and a page titled Fed 2 Penultimate. Rangefinder.

The doo-hicky on top is the Voigtlander VC II light meter, a Christmas present. The little accessory increases the usability of old rangefinder tremendously. The VC II weighs nothing, attaches like it’s part of the body and offers a quick and easy way to take readings. The only thing that bothers me is that the VC II is  near-$200 accessory on a $35 camera, $100 if you count the CLA.

Some sample shots:


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