Zorki 1 (d) CLA’d

Here’s the first roll from the Zorki 1 I had CLA’d in December by Oleg. Quality job. Everything moves very smoothly, and the shutters appear to be working as they should. Given that the Camera had to travel to Moscow and back, I’d say just over two weeks is more than reasonable.

There’s at least five versions of Zorki 1s. This site tells  you how to tell them apart.

Here I’ve got the original Industar 22 50mm f/3.5 lens mounted with the Leizt Imarect viewfinder to make up for the squinty viewfinder.

I think the street shot was taken late afternoon with the sun coming from the left of the frame. It was shot through my dirty office window, which doesn’t open enough for taking pictures. It was early winter before the snow came. The second is my office. The window on the left is where I shot the first photo from.


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