They’re back

In the last couple of weeks, I got my two FSU rangefinders back.

The first to arrive was my Fed 2 from Fedka. Came back with the film advance moving smoothly and the shutter sounding crisp. Unfortunately, the focus seemed to be off. I just couldn’t get the lens to focus at infinity where it should. I ended up sending it back to Yuri who spent a good deal of time with the it and couldn’t duplicate my problem. Here’s the punchline. He offered to replace the camera with a similar model and threw in a lens he knew would work on it. So now I have a wonderfully working Fed 2. I can’t recommend Fedka and Yuri enough for their service. Given what he offers, what Yuri charges for his work is well worth it, even a bargain.

I’ve got three or four cameras with film in it already, so I’m holding off on loading up the Fed 2 until I’ve finished at least a couple of rolls.

My Zorki also arrived back from Oleg, also looking and sounding great with a CLA and new shutter curtains. I’m working through a roll of film now, and I hope to get some samples posted soon.

Good to have these shooters back. Now if I could only find the time to go out and take some pictures.


2 Responses to “They’re back”

  1. Great blog and photos!
    I am looking at buying either a Fed 2a or a Zorki 3M, which do you prefer? Thanks for the great work!

    • msogavt Says:

      Definitely a Fed 2. More compact and fits the hand better. While the #M is a gorgeous machine, it feels a bit bulky in hand. But the viewfinder on the #M is big and bright, though better than 1:1. Almost seems like a 75-90mm field of view?

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