They’re off

Sent the Fed 2 off to Fedka this week for a CLA and a look at the light leaks that showed up toward the end of the test roll. I’m hoping there’s no need for a shutter replacement. Between the Zorki 1 sent to Oleg and this trip, these two FSU are strating to add up.I decide to give the two shops with the best reputations on the various FSU forums. The prices are comparable, with Oleg coming in a bit lower even with the shipping to Russian and back. The advantage with Fedak is that the work is being done in New York, so I sould have the camera back much quicker. All in all, if they come back as solid users, the money will be worth it. Seems like I spend more time finding out what’s wrong with my cameras and getting them fxed than shooting picture.

Minolta Hi Matic E

In the mean time, I’m carrying around my Hi-Matic E. I’ve got it powered with a 3v Lithium cell cr1/3n which fits perfectly in one battery slot. I’ve got a wad of tin foil completing the circuit in the other slot. Seems to be working fine, although I’m still on my first roll with this set up. It’s nice to have a camera with a light meter for a change, although this one is fully automatic. Quick shooting, but no control.


2 Responses to “They’re off”

  1. Daniel VanDurmen Says:

    Just curious, as I too have a Hi-Matic E that I just resurrected using a 3vDL1/3N battery. Seeing as this is higher than the 2.7v OEM spec, I’m curious to see how your images turned out in various lighting situations. Do you have any links to photos posted online?

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