Two out for repairs


Fed 2d


Zorki 1d

These are my two FSU rangefinders. The Zorki I just sent out for repairs — raddished shutter curtains need replacement and could use a general CLA. The Fed 2 is up next for repairs. The rangefinder is off, and I can’t seem to get it right. Also, the shutter timing needs fixing. I’m hoping the curtains are all right.

The problems with both cameras turned up late in their respective test rolls, meaningĀ  the first frames turned out OK, but the later shots revealed problems. I wonder what that means. I did like what I saw in the good shots. The lenses, plus a Jupiter 12 35mm seem to perform well. Once the bodies are all set, I’ll put the lenses through their paces.

The repairs will cost more than what I paid for the cameras, but that’s the way it goes. the Zorki went to Oleg in Russia, a well regarded fixer of FSu cameras. The Fed I plan to send to Fedka, another outfit with a good reputation. Fedka has the advantage of having its workshop in New York.

Hopefully, both cameras will be back in action by year-end.


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