Olympus 35 ED

Olympus35ED3This is a simple little point-and-shoot, but for the rangefinder. It’s pretty much perfect from the standpoint of taking pictures. It’s small, light and it’s automatic exposure is reliable most times, even indoors and in evening light. It’s weakest in really bright light when it tends to get blown out. The rangefinder is clear and bright, easy to focus even for my eyes.

This is one of those shooters that is easy to keep on hand, so it ends up getting called on a lot. This summer on vacation, this is the one I picked up when I could take just one camera even though it offers no manual exposure or shutter control of any kind. You don’t even know what shutter speed or f-stop your shooting at. It fits in my pocket, though with a big bulge.

The camera I got dirt cheap, partly because it’s missing the lens label on the front, a purely cosmetic omission. It also calls for the usual battery hack that almost all 70s-era Japanese rangefinders seem to need to replace the no-longer available mercury battery. I use a couple of zinc oxide hearing aid batteries in a paper tube, with the second slot filled with aluminum foil. So far, works great though the batteries seem to last only a couple of rolls. None of it is pretty, but it works.


4 Responses to “Olympus 35 ED”

  1. Thanks. I love this camera. It’s pocketable, has a great lens and the auto metering is pretty reliable. I don’t hear about the ED as much as the ECR, the other compact auto rangefinder in the Olympus 35 line. Definitely an overlooked gem.

  2. I bought my wife a trip 35 that she adores and I picked her up 35rc. Both super cameras

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