Mess Ikonta

P1010681bThis is my latest project, a Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 524/16, a”Mess Ikonta.” It has a75mm f3.5 Novar lens in a Prontor SVS shutter, and an uncoupled rangefinder. That means  I can  focus through the viewfinder, but have to set the distance on the lens manually.

The slow shutter speeds were sticking a bit  so I took the rear element out and did a bit of cleaning, and now it seems to fire fine at the various speeds. Also, all the black paint off on the inside of the back had flaked off, leaving a shiny silver interior. I decided to paint this with flat black enamel to reduce the chance of stray light striking the film.

I plan to take this out with some Fuji color negative  film this weekend, weather permitting. Lots of rain around here lately, and the forecast isn’t too promising, at least tomorrow morning. I’ll hold off on the slide film until I know my way around these medium format folders a little better.


One Response to “Mess Ikonta”

  1. Surprisingly good camera the Ikonta. Bet the large negative is a reason too:)

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